Crispy and delicious.
Every day when I go to work
I think about picking up my fork
And pushing it into some freshly baked
chicken nuggies that I have made
I love the shapes, the color, the size
Each one the same, but still a surprise
I love the taste of nuggies in my mouth
That’s what life is all about
My mom told me that we are what we eat
But that can’t be true, or else I would be meat
Meat in a dinosaur shape, that is
I’m no good at math but I’m a dino nuggie whiz
Nuggies, nuggies, hear my cry
Today is the day that you will die
I have made it my final mission
You won't be spared under any condition
Sometimes I've wondered where my nuggies are
I've looked in my room and in my car
But my nuggies, they are nowhere to be seen
I begin to wonder if this is some sick dream
You will not escape me today
You nuggies should have known you would pay
Either in ranch or in barbecue sauce
And in a baking sheet you shall toss
I’ll take you out just as you crisp up
And I’ll eat you off the tray so there’s no cleanup
I’ll put you in my mouth and I’ll chew for a while
Eating dino nuggies will always be in style
After I’m done with my nuggie surprise
I’ll put the box back into the freezer lengthwise
And even though the box must go away
The nuggies will be here to stay
Eating nuggies is never a chore
The nuggie urge is something I cannot ignore
The next time my tummy just wants to eat
I have just the thing; a Dino Nuggie treat.